Digital Education for All and Employability Enhancement

In line with government’s vision and the national development agenda, the education sector, considered as a key thrust area, which directly contributes towards the development of a knowledge based society and knowledge based economy. ICT plays a significant role in transforming the conventional teaching & learning approach and further enhancing opportunities for learners. By way of promoting IT education at all levels of education and by allowing the younger generation access to global job opportunities will directly contribute towards the government policy on “Digitization of the economy”. It also aligns and contributes towards the government education policy on “Facilitation to access to the digital world”

What is the Role of ICTA, in Digital Education?


  1. 1. To facilitate in creating a SMART education environment for teaching and learning for all K-12, Vocational and Higher Education.
  2. 2. To transform educators and learners to become effective facilitators and consumers in SMART education environment
  3. 3. Facilitate and contribute to the development of comprehensive national level strategies and initiatives to support Digital Education transformation
  4. 4. Be the foremost facilitation arm that offers expert advices for the digital education related interventions and related stakeholders nationwide.
  5. 5. To rigorously facilitate in education reforms in line with SMART education
  6. 6. Create an ecosystem which is conducive for Innovation and Ideation among learner communities
  7. 7. Ensure adoption and Effective Use of digital technologies in teaching and learning process

Key Initiatives

  1. 1. Digital Education Policy and Master Plans
  2. 2. SMART Teacher Transformation
  3. 3. National ICT Skills Platform
  4. 4. Non-IT Graduates Conversion Programme
  5. 5. Supply and Demand Survey
  6. 6. Assistive Technology for Education
  7. 7. Interactive Network with Industry for Digital Education
  8. 7. Awareness Creation

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