“Enabling Enablers”

What is
Lighting Digital?

This thrust area will strongly concentrates on providing quality and lifelong learning for all individuals, groups, organizations and societies through the use of Digital Technologies towards Strengthening education for sustainable development.

The future of the world is being shaped by the rapid development of Digital technology. Sri Lanka is also moving forward along the same path towards a digitally inclusive nation. When digital technology becomes a general-purpose entity, all citizens should eventually be able to consume the benefits of such development. ICTA has embarked on a holistic capacity building drive to make all segments capacitated with digital technology. On the mission of making a digitally capable Sri Lanka, ICTA has set a number of important priorities. Making youth more employable and transforming the education sector with digital technologies is one of the major targets. ICTA also Facilitates government sector more citizen-centric and citizen-friendly with digital government transformation. To increase the serving capacity of government organisations with enhancing the implementation of digital technology within the organisations and implementing competency frameworks to identify the competent level of government officials while identifying the required competencies to be capacitated is also among ICTA’s priorities. ICTA also believes this rapid development in digital technology should touch all segments of the society. Specific focus will be on Youth, Women, People with disabilities, and senior citizens while ICTA sees the inflow of capable youth to cater the industry to be increased by over 150,000 individuals. This new revolution will also transform the educators and learners to adopt digital education in a seamless manner. A national Skills platform is built to make skilled workforce available with ease.

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