Digital Government Competency Framework


Welcome to the Digital Government Competency Framework !

This Digital Government Competency Framework is designed to empower government officials to assess their professional status through self-assessment questionnaires. By using these questionnaires, you can evaluate your own competencies and gain valuable insights into your skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Top and Second Tier Management

Personnel who direct and control an organization at the highest level. Who holds authority, resources, and decision-making power regarding changes at the company.

Eg: Senior – Executive Level (Secretary, Additional Secretary, Director General, etc.) – Top and 2nd in command

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Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO)

A person who is responsible for facilitating providing strategic direction and promoting digital transformation initiatives.

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Middle and Junior Management

Subordinate to the top and 2nd tier management and responsible for team leading. Middle management is indirectly (through line management) responsible for junior staff performance and productivity.

Eg: Directors, Assistant Directors, etc.

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Operational Staff

Staff executing the strategy which is developed by the organizational leaders.

Eg: Development Officer, Technical Officer, Management Service Officer, Staff Officers, Administrative Officers, ICT Officers, etc.

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